Trips and Visits

Current travel advice  07.09.2018

The following advice is in response to the current threat level and recent terror events worldwide.  If you are travelling to places that maybe at a higher risk of attack and students will be allowed time to roam unsupervised during the visit, please consider the following:

  • The groups of three rule is adhered to.
  • You have a list of students mobile numbers.
  • Restricting the area that students are permitted to be.  eg move through large galleries and museums, a floor at a time.  Remaining in one or two streets for shopping etc.
  • Make the college aware of any changes in itinerary that have to be made at short notice.
  • It is the responsibility of the trip organiser to ensure the checklist for the category of trip you are running has been completed and your trip has been fully recorded by the senior administrators.

This advice has been given to allow you greater control on the whereabouts of your students should an incident occur, as the situation could develop quickly and control maybe difficult to maintain.

Please ensure you take a copy of the emergency process flow with you:- Emergency Process Flow


General information

Trips and visits policy, associated forms, and risk assessments for a variety of trips.

To help make life easier we have produced an Easy use process flow

Trips-and-Off-Site-Activities-Guidance-and-Procedure– this details the College procedure on trips and visits.  A ‘must read’ if you are organising one.

Below are the individual forms referred to in the guidance document.  It is the responsibility of the trip organiser to ensure the correct forms and permissions are completed.


Banned Activities

In line with guidance from East Sussex County Council, trips to GO APE will not be permitted due to small print liabilities and the harness system used.  As an alternative please consider using Branching Out Adventures as they use a continuous system that does not allow participants to become detached.

Example risk assessments:

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