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AED Defibrillators – now located onsite

We now have AED’s ​(Automated External Defibrillators) located in all our buildings and can be found in the following places:

  • The main entrance by reception, Cliffe Building, Lewes
  • Outside the sports department, Southover Building, Lewes
  • Ground floor main entrance, Firle House, Lewes
  • Ground floor main entrance the Performing Arts Building, Lewes
  • The main reception ECAT House, Eastbourne
  • Outside the first aid room ground floor, Grove House
  • Ground floor eating area, by vending machines, Tyler House
  • The main entrance to motor Vehicle, Hammond House
  • Outside the admin office, first floor Eversley House
  • Outside the admin office, well area, Kings Building
  • Main entrance, Construction Centre
  • The main entrance of the A Level Centre, Eastbourne
  • By the fire bell, Brickwork Tent
  • Main entrance, Oak House
  • The Harlow Sports Centre main reception, Eastbourne
  • The main reception, Newhaven

​AED’s should be used if you believe a person is not breathing or is breathing abnormally and does not respond when you call or shake them.

​All of the AED’s are fully automatic and do not require specifically trained personnel to operate them. They ‘talk’ you through the process and will only operate if required, so there is no chance of ‘accidentally’ shocking someone or doing them any harm, but they could save a life if needed.

If you are unsure about using a defibrillator the following links are to training videos on ‘hands only CPR’ and ‘how to use the AED’s’ (steps about using the machines start at 1min 49seconds)

Using an AED gives the person an 8% chance of living. Using CPR alone gives a 1% chance of living.