Myday App

Loading the Myday app on your device

What do you get?

  • Your timetable / calendar
  • Easy access to your college email
  • College announcements, iLearn assignments and more

Where do you get it from?

You will need to download the app from the play store for Android or from iTunes for Apple. Search for Myday and choose the one with the logo that you can see below. If you can’t find it use the following link:

(Android :

Apple : )

How do I login?

This is a bit of a pain but you only have to do it once.

Tap “Sign in”


Say Yes…



If you have logged into the app before then just select you username. Otherwise enter your network login followed by (Staff should use ) Tick the ‘keep me signed in’ box. You should be redirected to the next screen without entering a password.

Screenshot_2015-10-08-15-28-08Enter your username again but this time  in the format sussexdowns\123456 then your network password. This is in tiny text (nothing we can do I’m afraid) so enlarge as much as possible.
Screenshot_2015-10-09-16-12-26That’s it… all done. You can turn your wifi back on now if you are in the college.


Any problems contact the helpdesk team ( 030 300 38666)

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