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[This information may change soon with the migration to Office 365 – check back here if you have a problem]

Getting your student email delivered to your mobile or tablet.

You should be able to get your email delivered directly to your mobile or tablet. Obviously not all mobiles are the same but any phone that can get email can read your college email. Smart phones should also be able to synchronise with your college calendar.

First – log in to your email through the web to make sure that your email account and password are working correctly. Go to and enter your username ( and password. Your password will be the same as the one you use to log in to the college computers. There is a more detailed guide available from the front page of iLearn but if you can’t get into your email then let your tutor know and they should be able to help.

If your email is working ok then try it on your phone. There are usually a couple of ways that you can set this up. The best way is ‘ActiveSync’ (called ‘Microsoft Exchange’ on some phones). This will ‘push’ email out directly to your mobile rather than you having to retrieve it. iPhones, Android, Windows mobile and Blackberry phones should all be able to do this along with lots of others.

For an iPhone :

  1. If this is the first email account on your iPhone, tap Mail. Otherwise, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account.
  2. Tap Microsoft Exchange.
  3. Tap in the Email box and enter your full email address (for example,
  4. Tap in the Username box and enter your full email address again.
  5. Tap in the Password box and enter your password.
  6. Optionally, tap in the Description box and enter a short description for the account.
  7. Tap Next on the upper right corner of the screen.
  8. Tap in the Server box and enter your server name, , and then tap Next.
  9. Tap Next.
  10. Choose the type of information you want to synchronise. By default, Mail, Calendar and Contacts are all turned on. To turn off synchronisation for a type of information, tap and slide the switch to OFF.
  11. Tap Save.
  12. If you’re prompted to create a new passcode, tap Continue and enter a numeric passcode. You’ll need to enter the passcode twice.

For Android

  1. On your Android device, access the Settings menu.
  2. Access Accounts & Sync.
  3. Navigate to Add Account.
  4. Select Exchange ActiveSync
  5. Different mobiles will have a different screen at this point – but the information you need is:

          Email Address:
          Server Address:
          Domain <leave this blank>
          Username:  yourstudentnumber
          Password: <password>

          SSL: Tick

Select Next and configure your personal preferences for the frequency and amount of data to synchronize. If you are asked for a ‘domain username’ just put a ‘’ before your username (for example,

If your phone doesn’t have ActiveSync then you can use either POP3 or IMAP. Both of these should work and the settings you need are below:

POP setting
Server name:
Port: 995
Encryption method: SSL
IMAP setting
Server name:
Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL
SMTP setting
Server name:
Port: 587
Encryption method: TLS

If you get your email to work on your Blackberry (or other type of phone) then let us know the steps and we will publish them here.

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