Connecting to eduroam – Visitors

Authenticating to use eduroam

When you connect to eduroam at SDC, you will be asked to authenticate in the same way as at your home institution with the following details:

Your username is the username provided by your institution who should also be able to confirm their eduroam domain (for example if your username is “jh1761” and your home institution the University of Bristol, you would enter
Should be the same as the password you use to access services at your home institution
(If asked) must be left blank

Security Settings for eduroam

Security settings can be found here.


Useful information

Note that your home institution domain may not be the same as its email domain and you will need to check which realm your institution uses. More information on this is given on the JRS technical support site.

Non-eduroam users

If your home university does not use eduroam you will not normally be able to use the SDC network. If you are attending a conference or event, the organisers may have made special arrangements for delegates to gain access to the SDC network for the duration of the event. Please contact your organiser for more details.

Internet Access

Please note that Sussex Downs College provides only filtered access to the internet. We employ transparent web and application proxies and filter all requests against the current WebBlocker database. The content categories we choose to filter may be more restrictive than any filtering applied by your home institution.

Technology matters