Connecting to eduroam – SDC

Information for SDC staff and students visiting other institutions with eduroam

You must check that your laptop or mobile device is set up and working with eduroam at SDC before you try to use it anywhere else.

If you need help when you are away from SDC, you will not be given support by the institution you are visiting,  you must get eduroam working before you go.

You should also check that the university or institution you are visiting is using eduroam.

For institutions in the UK:

For institutions in the rest of the world:

Make sure that you know your SDC username and password, as you will need to enter this information to connect to an eduroam network at another institution.

Your username is your standard SDC username.
The eduroam domain for SDC staff is  (eg. Note – this will be different to your email address!
The eduroam domain for SDC students is (eg.
Your standard SDC network password (as you would use to login on campus)
(If present) must be left blank

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