Summer updates

To be honest it hasn’t been a great summer – professionally I mean. What should have been quite quiet, with no major upgrades or changes, has turned out to be hectic. For a start we were let down by some suppliers.

Dell, with whom we have worked with for several years, won our annual tender for PCs. Great. We like their PCs as they don’t break. When we tried to place the order there were several delays, then a very shame faced conversation about having used the wrong pricing and would we mind paying an extra 12%… We were left with trying to source 300 PCs and get them delivered in about 10 days.

We went to the supplier who came second on the tender (Millennium Business Systems) and they said ’sure – no problem. Expect eight to ten working days for delivery’. This stretched to 20 days and left us with PCs arriving by the pallet load during enrolment. The technicians have done a fantastic job and have installed the new machines as soon as they arrived. This is the first time we have had Fujistu machines and so far they look pretty good.

Add to this the late delivery of the Adobe license information and a supplier who announced that they couldn’t make the mid-august installation date for some screens and whiteboards so they would be here to install them the second week in September…

Enough of our problems. On you return you will find;

  • Creative and digital PC rooms and other class rooms that will run Adobe software have new and uprated machines.
  • Computers from 2011 (the asset number starts with the year) have mostly been replaced. The rest will be done as soon as we have time.
  • There are no major software changes, apart from the introduction of Adobe Creative Cloud. However, the latest update for Windows 10 (Creator’s edition) means that you will have lost some of your settings. Be prepared for a slow first login. Sorry – this is a Microsoft thing and beyond our control.
  • We have done a lot of work on the ‘slow first login’ problem but haven’t made as much progress as we would have liked. Remember – the first time a you, or a student, log into a computer it will take a couple of minutes. Ask them to login as soon as they come into the lesson. Every subsequent time you, or they, use that computer the login speed should be about ten seconds. If at all possible ask them to sit in the same places each week.
  • The technicians’ time wasn’t wasted while waiting for computers to arrive. All desktop computers have been audited, keyboards and mice checked and replaced if they needed it, projectors checked and cleaned. As always though, things still can and will break or go missing. If you spot a problem it is your responsibility to let the helpdesk team know either by phone (x38666) or by putting it on the helpdesk system (
  • We have a new helpdesk system. We are trying to centralise all support departments on the one platform. So far we have MIS, Network Services, Facilities and Comms on board with other departments coming soon. We are also putting a lot more information in the system’s ‘knowledge base’

Welcome back.