We’re pleased to announce a new service the Innovation team are now able to create high quality interactive eLearning content.  Using the Articulate package, we can build professional eLearning materials that include video, audio, text and a host of interactive elements.

Why not try out our very first prototype which shows how to use Google Drive.  Click on the ‘Launch’ button below to start.

Alternatively, we can embed eLearning materials directly into a blog like this:

Another example we’re working on is for Health and Safety training.

If you’d like to discuss the development of eLearning content for your course, please email and we’ll be in touch.

Check back for more examples as we create them.


Through the Periscope

Through the Periscope is a new showcase of programmes, resources and seminars designed to give an overview to a range of technology solutions and ideas that you can then take away and use with your students. A selection of colleges are coming together to present during the running time, which is between January and February this year.

The courses are free to attend online and each of them has a range of static and live content for you to look over in your own time.

How do I sign up?

All you have to do to attend any of the courses is go to the link in the course list we’ve linked below. The short version is a quick list of all the courses being run, the times and the link; the longer version contains more in depth information on each course, what to expect and what you should be able to take away from it. We recommend you start with this list and have a read through to see what seminars are of most interest to you. Remember that for most courses the content will be live for most of January and February, so you have plenty of time to work through whichever ones appeal to you most.

Access the course handbook

There are two versions of the handbook, available via the links below:

Long version 

Short version

Remember if you have any questions about the course, or you see something you find interesting and want help implementing it within your own classroom you can contact the innovation team at We hope you go check out some of the courses and come back brimming with ideas for your teaching.

Blended Learning goes even more Massive

You may remember our previous posts about the FutureLearn Blended Learning Essentials MOOC that we encouraged staff to sign up to and expand their knowledge of technology in the classroom.   Well not only is there a sequel, but this time it’s starring SDC.

Blended Learning Essentials MOOC 2 is both a great follow on for anyone who took the first part of the course, and also a perfect time for you to jump in and gain some new skills

We really enjoyed mentoring those of you who took part in our breakfast/twilight session drop ins and hope those of you who took the course felt you got out as much from it as we did.

OK, how do I join?

The course starts on Feb 1st and will be running for three weeks. This time around the focus will be on embedding practice into your digital resources, learning from experience and tackling difficult challenges with the help of blended learning.

Excitingly, some of the content for the second part of this course was filmed on site at SDC Eastbourne campus, and features interviews with various staff and students about their experiences and aspirations.

As with the previous course, once the start date comes around you will have access to all of the resources and be able to keep them for future reference. We know naturally how busy teaching is and how little free time might be available to complete the course, but as before this is a MOOC course, meaning you can work through it piece by piece in your own time and at your own pace.

Do I need to have completed the first course?

No, all you need to do is follow this link and sign up for a FutureLearn account. It’s free and fast, and once you have an account you’re also able to sign up to any other courses that are of interest to you. Make sure to leave a comment on the Blended Learning Essentials 2 page about your background and what you hope to get out of the course.

What if I get stuck?

As before, the Innovation team are happy to help out with any questions or ideas that the course may give you and we will be organising two drop in sessions to coincide with week 3 of the course to raise any questions or ideas with about what you’ve been inspired to do.