Google passwords get sync’d


In December 2014, the Innovation team piloted Google Classroom as a tool to simplify the process of giving feedback to students.

The response from staff and students was so positive that 3 months later we requested that all SDC staff and students should be automatically provided with a Google Apps for Education account.

We now have over 100 teaching staff actively using it to manage assignments and feedback.

If you use it, you’ll know that all students and staff currently have separate passwords to login into the College network and their Google Apps for Education account.

What’s changing

From Wednesday 18th November 2015, we are making a change so that when staff or students change their College network password, this will automatically update their Google password effectively synchronising both passwords.

This means that students and staff will no longer need to request passwords be reset via the helpdesk as they can do it themselves using Ctrl+Alt+Delete.  Staff can also reset a student’s password in the normal way.


Q – How can I reset a student’s College (and Google) password? 

A – From go to  Tools > Student Info > Change Students Password or click here.

Q – Will all Google passwords be synchronised from Wednesday?

A – No. The synchronisation will happen next time a College network password is changed.

Q – If a student changes their Google password will this change their College password?

A – No. It only works from College password to Google password.

Q – I have more questions about Google account passwords.

A – Email

Q – I’d like some training on using Google Apps for Classroom e.g. Google Classroom.

A – Email

Q – I’d like some more ideas on how to use Google Apps in my teaching.

A – Email

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